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Tell Me What To Read Next

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we've got a bit of a book habit. okay, an enormous one. meaning, if it comes down to making that payment to the electric company or buying three new books on impulse from the store next to the office, it'd be an easy choice. you can read by candlelight.

this is our own little LJ book club. recommend books and authors. tell us why. analyze a story or a character. list your favorites. discuss. whatever. any genre. any style. any theme. the only criterion is a love of books that often (okay, usually) eclipses basic needs and responsibilities, like sleeping or grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning.

this community's now open to everybody. kdm23 and skate97 maintain it. play nice.

thanks to skate97 for these nuggets of goodness:

What is reading but silent conversation?
* Walter Savage Landor

Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.
* Harper Lee

People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.
* Logan Pearsall Smith

I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.
* T.S. Eliot

'Tis the good reader that makes the good book; a good head cannot read amiss: in every book he finds passages which seem confidences or asides hidden from all else and unmistakeably meant for his ear.
* Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have never known any distress that an hour's reading did not relieve.
* Montesquieu

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
* Groucho Marx

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